Microme is a resource for bacterial metabolism, whose aim is to support the large scale inference of metabolic flux directly from genome sequence. It is populated with data generated by direct import from external sources and by automatic inference from these seed data onto additional genomes; data is subject to quality assurance (i.e. for chemical balance, consistency of cross-references, and ultimately, for their ability to define a viable model mathematically and their consistency with experimental evidence), and revised manually as appropriate.

Microme was funded as an EU Framework Programme 7 Collaborative Project. Grant Agreement Number 222886-2, from 2009-2013. Although project funding has now ceased, work continues in the participant laboratories to research this area and to develop services.

For EMBL-EBI's browser for bacterial genomes, please visit Ensembl Bacteria. If you have any other queries about the Microme resource, please contact the Ensembl Genomes helpdesk, and we will do our best to connect you with the most appropriate tools.